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Why choose an agent to sell your property

Why choose an agent to sell your property

1st June 2020

Why choose an Estate Agent when you can sell privately?

With the ease of putting up a For Sale board and uploading photos via your mobile onto a property app, is there still a need for an estate agent anymore?  Invariably I see many vendors taking advantage of this great new technology and giving it a go to save on agents’ commissions.

This is where, as an owner, you need to decide what is important to you.

Best Price?

You may decide that the price, like many people, is the most important.

Unlike a used appliance you can sell online and may barter over a few euros, your property is one of your most important assets and therefore should be given its due respect in order to achieve the best price.

Many vendors concentrate on the money saved on agent’s fees, however, what most don’t appreciate is that by using an agent you can make more!

By analysing the market, we can determine an accurate sales price for your property. Getting the right value will generate more activity in those all-important first few weeks. Being fresh on to the market and having good interest, buyers are inclined to make offers closer to the asking price to secure the purchase. When a property is overpriced, it tends to linger, with other properties getting the viewings first. Buyer’s interest can dissipate even though the price may come down later as they question why it hasn’t been sold before. If you under value it, then you will have already lost money.      

Estate agents dedicate hundreds of hours per week to promote their properties for sale. As we don’t know where your buyer will be, we reach out to all the markets available. Not just to the local, regional or national but also international; we will give your marketing the breadth to attract buyers from all across Europe.

By using an agent to professionally negotiate on your behalf, we can create a buffer that can reduce the pressure when forming a decision, whilst also advising you of the benefits and potential issues that come with it. This ensures that the offer agreed is the right one for you.

Our aim is to find you the best offer available for you property, wherever the buyers might be!


If you need to get moving, whether it’s for job relocation, economic pressures or perhaps for health reasons, sometimes it’s important to get moving quickly!

Whilst hanging a For Sale board and posting an advert may get some interest, on average it takes a private seller 3 times longer to sell a property compared to using an estate agency. By using limited methods to sell your property and perhaps with little time to manage the promotion, the possibilities of achieving that sale quickly can be difficult.

We set out a marketing plan for your property, having all the objectives needed, in order to get your property sold as early as possible and without compromising on the price.

Convenience & Security?

As a vendor, you may not always be available to show the property to potential buyers or even be living in the country! Our team are available to not only to accompany the clients, highlighting the selling points of the property and the area, but also to qualify them beforehand. By registering their personal information in our data base we can record who has been visiting your property, what their buying position is and how they intend to finance it. This minimises the time lost on showing people who are not in the right position whilst removing the threat of strangers entering your property. Your security and that of our staff is a priority.   

From the buyer’s perspective, many can feel intimidated when viewing a property with the owners and are reluctant to give real feedback so as to not offend. We look to extract information during and after the visit in order to reach an offer or to get constructive feedback that can be used to improve the sale.   

Our personalized service will give you regular updates on activity, enquiries and viewings so you are always in the loop. Together we can make the necessary adjustments during the course of the campaign to get the property sold.

Other benefits

From the start of the process we will carry out checks that your property and the paperwork are ready. This will avoid any nasty surprises arising later which could delay the sale or even cost you money. Once completed, you will have a clear idea of what deductions to expect and therefore what offer will be acceptable. It will give buyers confidence when we can confirm that all the documents are in order and ready to present to their representative.

We offer all our vendors an in-house service to manage their paperwork from start to finish. This includes the handling the sales contract, deposits, arranging the notary, translations, and any retentions and taxes so that the sale goes through as smoothly as possible.

When putting your property for sale, take the time to consider what you want to achieve at the end of it and what the best method to obtain it is. By using a professional estate agent you can give your property a better opportunity to succeed. By using Lexington Realty, you can rest assured that you will have the best opportunity and service available.